Coil Pack Clamps

Early TT's had coil packs that were very reliable and were distinguished by their large surface area plus they were bolted down to the cam cover.

Later cars came with a push fit type that have gained fame and recognition through the bad batch that had a high failure rate in 2002/2003 for Audi

Whilst it is likely they are well designed to grab hold of a sparkplug, they beg the question why Audi changed the design, possibly cost cutting.

The TT cam cover still has the threaded holes for the original type coil packs.

UK225 from the TT-Forum found an American enthusiast who has had some clamps engineered to simulate the holding properties of the early packs and is supplying them with rubber pads and bolts.

They are of a high quality and will ensure a coil pack doesn't have a chance to slip or shake off a plug and also help ensure there is a good strong contact with the plugs.

Contact UK225 for the supplier if you are interested.
Fitting them is a matter of bolting them on, this guide will help.

Nicely engineered, you get 3 as other vag group cars don't all have the
N249 Bracket above packs 3 & 4.
A rubber pad is provided for the remaining pack bracket.


Rubber pad under bracket to hold coils 3 & 4, Clamps fitted over 1 & 2.