Mercedes Benz 280 SLC

1975 - 45000 Miles

Current Guaranteed Insurance Valuation 13000
(Certificate available)

2.8 litre engine - 185bhp - Manual

Air Conditioning - Kenwood 10 disc CD - Cat 1 Alarm


History: -

This car has been a family vehicle since new, having been bought by my cousin.

The car spent a few years abroad before being shipped to the UK in 1981 for my father who looked after it (garaged for 2 years) then purchased it in 1983 and drove it for a year.

This car is X registered reflecting the import date not the manufacture date.

My father then went to work abroad soon after buying it and the car has been garaged for around 17-18 years having only been used around 5 days in that period.

I received it in Jan 2000 and have spent the millennium year restoring it.

It came to me as a non-runner and I have a list of restoration activities you can check out here -

Restoration Work.

The car has done 3000 miles since the restoration work and I have just had final tuning checks and tappet adjustments done.

The looks are stunning, especially when both front and rear windows are down the pillar-less design is superb. For a 26 year old car it still attracts looks and spontaneous conversation with other motorists who appreciate its age and condition.

Its also useable if you have a family as it has proper seats in the back.

If you are a classic collector or you want a practical piece of Mercedes history this car is a gem.

I also have the original 14" steel wheels with stainless steel hubcaps (white painted inserts) which came with the car so If you wish you could restore the handling and looks back to the Original 1975 specification.

It is now in a condition that general day to day running and maintenance should keep it going for many years to come.

The paintwork is original, no panels have been replaced, this car has not had any accidents.
It has the chips, scratches acceptable to a 45000 mile car, I am a firm believer that the original paintwork on the car will far outlast any kind of rejuvenating re-spray.

One wing has a small blemish caused by an overzealous mechanic but it is a surface darkening caused by heavy polishing around 1"x2" long.

Interior is in dark blue leather and re-trimmed by MJ-Interiors.

Overall it is a rare purchase, the 280 is relatively economical and its unlikely that you will find a car like this in this condition.