London New Year 2004
30th Dec 2004

Meet at Maranello Ferrari in Egham

We saw some under car lighting trickery with sound to lighting effects

I like! :o)

A nice cruise down the M4 to ..


We took up some parking space
and then some more
MKIV Forum joined us with these matching his and hers Golfs
Can you imagine having to to all your mods twice! :o)

Jampott, demonstrating how to carry a family around

Fantastic turnout, 17-18 cars roughly.
We did Park Lane, Oxford street, Regents Street then for some stupid reason I told everyone to go down Shaftsbury avenue while I led a small group down Haymarket.

It was going too well I guess so I had to deliberately break up the group :o/

A few panic phone calls and the sat nav users led the pack back to the end of the Strand where we were waiting, then on to....

St Pauls Cathedral

We had a little party at the front

While Scotty had a party at the back
(p.s. I stole the picture without permission and will take it off if requested) ;o)

When he eventually turned up he double parked next to the TT's
Officer runs over "your taking the piss, that's parked in the middle of the road" ..we all moved on. :o)

LLoyds building was rubbish, road works stopped us from parking close enough so we moved on to...

Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

Some nice aural blasts in the Blackwall tunnel along the way. At one point I had the two Pauls behind me with a Monaro and S4 howling in the tunnel, don't know which was loudest but both were awesome.
Spooky with no lights on the masts at night
Great views of Canary Wharf

Still kept the group together

Everyone just left me behind at Cutty Sark! As we headed for for food, I guess they were hungry!
Quite a few left at this point, being past their bedtime.

Its a great place for a 24 hour eating.
Not too expensive for a diner, great variety of food, fantastic milkshakes,
although remember there is a 10% service charge to account for!
Which I will remember next time! ;o) (Cheeky buggers you lot, you know what I mean) :o)

A few more left from here, some had work the following morning and were only 5 hours from waking up at this point!

We were down to about 4 cars by the time we got to London Eye.
This is a picture of someone with stamina! She's 4! :o)

Thanks to all for making it a really good London run!