London New Year 2003
30th Dec 2003

Meet at Maranello Ferrari in Egham

Police come and go!

Park Lane outside the Mini Showroom

New Rolls and Mclaren

Happy Eaters at Maroush 5
The chicken was fantastic however the wait was a little bit long.

Hi to the TT and S3 owners outside the restaurant, sorry we took so long.

A picture of a big picture of St Pauls Cathedral
(Police came and went here too!)

LLoyds building in Bank
(Police came and went here too!)

Cutty Sark in Greenwich
(No Police here) ;o)


London Eye - Millenium Wheel was Fantastic
(Police came and went here too!)


NOOO , My batteries ran out! :o( and I missed the Wheel Light Show!

Thanks to all for making it a really good London run!