Isle of Wight 2003
TTotal arranged this meet and cruise round the IOW
It was a great day, great people and another memorable cruise.

Johns plans were "here's a map go and drive" luckily a veteran cruise planner came to the rescue
We all just followed Daniela! ;o)

VIDEO 1/3 - NICKYB's gentle cruise to the Services

The Motorway Services Meet

It definitely is WhiTTe!  >

The Port

Someone tell him the boats the other way!


The Ferry

"Would the owner of a roadster collecting all the sea water please close his roof
as its beginning to weigh the bow down and we are starting to sink!"

Oh shite ... roof doesn't work with the cover on...
These electric roofs are really easy to use! ;o)...

Better put the cover on the skip

Ooohh I love that crusty sea salt on my bum!


The Reception

Fantastic - Welcome to Fantasy Island!

Whats that yellow dot over there?...
She has a matching yellow phone too! ;o)

We gotta get some more of those signs!


VIDEO 2/3 - Services to IOW and cruising


The Island

Get yer heed oota mi shoot man!



The Spyglass for Lunch

Spyglass Inn

Its Cooold man!


Ooooh look at da cutieeee!


VIDEO 3/3 - Cruising..Spyglass ..then home


Time to go..bye bye everybody!