Interpro Rolling Road meet 2003

The early birds!

Milling about waiting.

Re-sprayed wheels in brake-dust black, John Deere exhaust I'm told!!!

Hello, my names Mayur, I do own a TT honest!

KevP's slammed TTR
I really really do own a TT, its Elderberry pink I just didnt bring....where'd everybody go!

Would you wear shorts with those legs? mind those hot pipes :o)

More milling and waiting, something wrong with that back end.

Right lets fix it with a V6 valance , bleeping bleep, who the bleep riveted this valance on! >:o( 

I couldnt see the point of painting silver wheels silver, KevP's look pretty good in metallic.


Revo man looking very concerned about his output!

Forge pipes...The Revo guy doing some remaps.


Neuspeed Induction and Beves beast

My Baby.. :o)

The Chart