GTI International 2003

Getting in and setting up

Covert photography of the TTOC stand, they'll never spot me!

Club Stands

The supporting cast!

Club Audi Stand

19" wheels and Polished bit.


Chromed Drive shafts and Wishbones as well, I didn't dare look underneath!

Club Audi

Look at that sexy car

Oh and Gary Handa was there too back on form.
I'm sure he was drooling over my TT!

350bhp and 330ft/lbz (I think it said)

AMD Technik!

Fast TT, 0-60 5.5s

OI, make sure these 2 TT's get together.

The Nick V, Sundeep Shootout.

V. Getting verbal!
You isa gonna lose boy, you betta keepa your moutha shut
In greece I hasa eaten 10 ofa yoos for breakfast bysa now!

Sundeeps response!
yeah yeah, put a sock in it, yoosa ainta ina greecea nowa!

The Line up, the tension is building
OI!, I tought you has a dolly bird drop a hanky! noh some traffic light!
Isssa OK, I catch up with you!

TT Shop-ping trolley V MTM RS4 Guess what happened!

Red! DOT Racing didn't get my money on principle
because Mr yellow shirt van driving tosser
nearly took me and my family out the way down!
Manoeuvre, Signal, Mirror nearly had us into a crash barrier! >:o(

Was a fun day, too many weird cars but plenty of weird enthusiasts.

New Tints , 1/2 metalic.

The End! :o)