TTOC Gaydon 2005
Annual TTOC Meet
26th June 2005

A fantastic event and the best ever, the culmination in a test track drive at the end of the event was something not to be missed.

Its a shame it is a secret location and we were unable to take cameras at the end but here are the outside pics!

Many thanks to Audi, TTOC and all the attendees for a fantastic day!

VIDEOS:- The Venue   The Slalom

The Venue

Early Concourse entrant setting the standard, do you clean inside the wheels?

Setting up

Concourse cars

What a shifter! :o)

NO NOT ME!, it had to happen one day! :o)

Small children sucked in there!

Lots of cars!

Excel Dent repairs fixed a lot for a lot of people.

OH MY GOD, Who is that touching a blueflame?

Phill Millington (of Milltek) showed me that SILVO (Silver polish)
Is excellent at shining up your pipes!

Prizes and the end to a fantastic day!