Flood 3rd Jan 2003

Came home from the in-laws and found our street flooded, against advice we started to drive along it, the torrent of water flooding our of side streets was like waterfalls.

This level of water has not been seen here in 50 years.

We made it around 100ft when the alternator light and the ABS light came on on the dash. Dove for the pavement which was still above water and then stayed there contemplating what to do!.. I tried to walk the street but the water is a mix of river and sewage, and I only had trainers on!

So back into the car and we took the risk to drive back the way we came and launching of the kerb into deep water was very scary, keeping slow, revs up, alternator light/ABS lights returned but we made it to the dry.

Luckily a neighbour new a longer way round and we had to drive through some smaller floods but made it home and thankfully it was dry at the time.

Picture from house of car park arrow to the drive :-

Car Park from Arrow

River from Arrow, walkways flooded

1st night, all flooded traffic island still working 80yrds from home

Traffic island covered and shorted out, 60yrds from home

Car park now overflowing onto the road from the entrance, bus stop and road filling, car park exit being chalked and showing rises every few hours.

Good parking choice!

Road water is now overflowing to fields next to house

Water table is rising, our garden is flooding from the rear.

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