Castle Combe - 19/02/2004

Lee from the UK TT Forum did the impossible and managed to get TT owners to put their pride any joy out on track.

He organised a fantastic track day for TT owners and hopefully everyone learnt what fun they can have with minimal expense with the same car that drives them to work and looks stunning posing around Chelsea! :o)

Cruise Down the M4

It was a bit cold

Sound Testing

These excellent pics are from "tdk" from the TT Forum

Track Guide


Here's my vids....

Almost an off... S4/RS6 breathing down my neck....

Glenn being Smart! Wink
AidB's version!

An average lap for me 1 minute 28 seconds..

Why do Left hookers make you pass on the left! Laughing I had no choice guv honest! Laughing

Some passing shots, to ABBA! I let the missus control the stereo, well thats my excuse! Laughing
plus some more

CliveD made 104db and wasn't allowed on as the limit is 100db
How can we make this quieter?

S3Mons Inlet manifold.

These pictures supplied by Dean S, many thanks for these great shots.