VW Audi Day
Castle Combe July 2004

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(Quicktime 1.5m-2.5m)

More exhibitors than previous years., this event is growing.
The weather was glorious and perfect for the event.

Clive building a cats cradle of intricate suspension cords to stop the TT Shop blowing away!

TTotal finds some new places to stick stickers although they are more subtle.

TTOC and The TT Shop join together to create quite an impressive display.

Ed's new sportec turbo kit..Thats it!
all you can see of it is a black pipe!

Ed giving out rides!

So I jump in, he looks a bit serious,
I didn't have the heart to tell him his Laser detector will only help him detect alien attack pointed into space like that! :o)

We are off , the difference is immediately apparent the power delivery is like lots and lots and then you think its coming to an end and between 4500-5000 there's another kick and there's lots more!

He toys with a TT
going ... going..... going!


He continued to simply Cream an RS4 who nearly lost it on a bend as we just undertook in a FWD Golf! Awesome!

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