AmD & Audi-Sport
Rolling Road Day
Nov 22th 2003

The Audi Sport forum hosted an Xmas meet which included a Rolling Road day, evening meal and a days carting on the Sunday.

One of my babies 3rd birthday was this day as well so I only had a short pass out and went to the RR only.

Having had some ok 265bhp results summer I wanted to see what the cold weather would do along with finally having sorted out problems with the car.

Since the last run I have had fitted the last missing samco hose, new clutch, new DM flywheel, new tyres, replaced my buckled wheel.

In terms of RR preperation and also because my last tyres were basically bald on the inside, I am running tyres at a few psi less than specified, reset the ecu the evening before and had a little extra weight in the boot to aid traction on the rollers.

The first arrivals, it rained.......all day!

Car Park got very busy very quickly

Amd laid on a screen for the Rugby, fantastic seeing the side of the workshop, a projector, a number of VCR's for their tuners,
and a gearbox jack being used to hold the antenna up.

Well sorted S3 had a number of Mods, one in particular sounded a good idea. ;o)

Engine Earthing sounds like a good one next.

Did I mention it rained... and it got very busy.

These wheels looked fantastic on this S3.

Just a few LEDs!

AmD's set up is very professional, the care and attention to detail is shown, it was noticed that the Black S3 above, had its exhaust touching the valance and the adjusted it to fix the problem before running it.

Clive arrived late, but I didn't feel alone any more, was good to see another TT on the rollers.

Overall a great day organised really well and and a big thanks to Audi-Sport and Amd.
If you want to see my figures and the session, click here.

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