AmD Open and RR Day
Sep 20th 2003

AmD hosted an Open day and Rolling Road shootout for us which was a superb day out, met lots of the old crowd and some new faces.

The whole AmD team were working hard on RR and Tracking, John Robbins on BBQ and it was good to meet Nilesh who will be starting a USA arm of AmD.

Phil Millington of MillTek was on hand to discuss the exhaust fitments and I think all had a great day.
AmD showed us fantastic hospitality, and great care with the way cars and spectators were handled.

Great turnout, fantastic weather

The benchmark 225, Normans lovely roadster.

Parrot Install in SaTTans car. Ok do I cut the red wire or the blue wire...oh hell just cut them all! ;o)

Do you think I want one much?

Dear the big hand is on 12 and the little hand is on 1...1 O'clock, can I go sit down now I'm carrying Waks list

Phill's installed Steve Schwing TTDA Airbox.....Needs holes IMO its too quiet! ;o)

Milling about, the best sound came from the fans starting up, they sounded like an F1 car.

Thanks to Ed for the ride in his Golf, certainly revs nicely with the aluminium flywheel, 280bhp TT engine in this car!
John Robbins manned the BBQ keeping us all fed!


Many thanks to Jonah  for installing my Samco Pipe! and Graham supervising! :o)

Look at those Blue Led's, she sounds fantastic!

Bhp - Torque - Boost

Details - Results

Thorney, latest recruit into the Staines massive bad boy Slammed VX Owners club,
he needs all the ground force effect help he can get and has just fitted the tiniest radiator known to man!

A BIG Thanks to the whole AmD team for a fantastic day.