Rolling Road Day
June 19th 2004

Another great day, weather was fantastic most of the day and all who attended to make it a great day.

Many thanks to Craig, Ed, Scott, Sean, Adam, Ross, Thorney and Gary Handa for providing rides in his Golf/TT/monster hybrid.

Special thanks to Amd and WaxWizzard for donating the Show'n'Shine prizes and my eldest for being assistant plus last but not least...

TTOTAL for bringing some of his magic character and being Show'n'shine judge
He even dressed for the occasion. :o)

Car park was full of great cars in different mod states, S3MON's being one of the most modded,
he keeps coming up with new mods and my missus keeps saying when will it end?

Some of Grahams Love_iTT's recent mods , they look really cool, the finish on the dash grills is excellent.

The Rolling Road...with Angry Eyes this time! :o)

There seemed to be a lot of cars with faults this time :o(

There were some disagreements about the Show and Shine, the filth on some cars was making the scrutineer feel ill
but he was safe with his mansize radiation babygrow suit on.;o)

1st place awarded to EKZ225 for his always immaculate TTC
2nd place to Love_iTT, I think because a bug landed on his car just before judging.
3rd Place to UK225 for lending his last cleaning towel to Love_iTT before he had finished cleaning his wheels.

CliveD seemed to spend all day modding! :o)

Thanks to Gary Handa, his recommendation for Chequers, the place was great, really good parking and a nice pub, great food.


The Results!