Rolling Road Day
Feb 7th 2004

The day started with the Rolling Road session, AmD kept the cars flowing and provided snacks drinks and deals on the day.
The crew at AmD did a fantastic job, highlighting once again how professional and accommodating they are.

Many thanks to Ed, Gary, Nathan, Sean, Adam, Ross and Thorney.
(and Geoff for turning up, nobody got a chance to collar him on One Click release!) :o)

UK225's RR Session

BigJon asked a Police officer friend to come and educate us about speeding and answer questions.
They brought a patrol car and mobile camera unit

Everyone was scared and it took some coaxing to get them to come out of Amd's workshop

Things warmed up and we had a long question and answer session,
we were shown some horrific crash shots and the kind of pictures that you see on the news i.e. after the bodies were taken away..
However it was the descriptions of what the police have to deal with that hit home the hardest:-

"the pedestrians head was decapitated by the roof above the mouth and the remaining torso in the windscreen in front on the driver"...this was an Audi A4.

"The body was in three pieces when I arrived on the scene" Transit Van and Bike crash.

Some of the stories really had an impact and reminded everyone how vulnerable we are as drivers and pedestrians.
you are lucky to have the car you have, be safe and consider what's round that corner on every corner!

The Thames Valley Police force are promoting a web site to be informative and help promote safer driving.

We had a look at some equipment, Vascar and Video surveillance kit.

The 4 antennas on top are for Tracker, they have to carry a lot of kit for any situation.

Caney showing his NOS control unit, (didnt get any more shots of the kit) :o(

We were very kindly shown the handheld and van equipment followed by demonstrations on how it works.
A few of us were given some of the camera shots, the Thames Valley Police were fantastic.

To see a small video shot, click here

The grand finale at AmD was trying to get a power run of a patrol car, unfortunately its esp couldn't be turned off.

The day ended with a 3 way cruise ;o) to the Barley Mow Pub, strange service but good food
 and a really great end to the day.


JWB's figures....update -  269.4 bhp and 316.9 ftlb