It's Bloody Hot These Days!!

Having lived with the cheapest internet portable A/C box I could find, the inconvenience of putting a pipe out the window whilst the bugs and flies get in pushed us to our limits so we invested in gauze and sticky Velcro to create a bug free netted opening.

Like most UK homes the insulation in the loft was trapping heat very nicely and forcing us to move downstairs on occasion to sleep.  The portable zillion BTU output box managed to keep a 6 inch zone of cool comfort just around itself, so I was paying to keep whatever lillyputtnians could squeeze into the cheap plastic King Post carcase to be kept in cool comfort.

 When my portable A/C shite box rumbled to a stop it was time
to think about investing in something more suitable to the job.

So I searched the internet and found very little to help with choice so took the plunge based in telephone attitude and my instinct of the visiting salesmans attitude and honesty. Of course it was hot, of course they can charge whatever they want.

I chose 2 companies, 1st one wanted the price of small island, the 2nd one didn't seem interested in selling to me so both got blown off! A fresh search and I saw a sponsored link to Cool & Heat.

Well Cool & Heat gave a good price from the start and Marcus seemed very genuine so he got my business.

The CrafftAir boys who came to install the units were hard working, good fun and very accommodating! These guys worked from 9.30am to 2am to get the install finished in 1 day!

It is superb, the house is so much more comfortable now, We need just one more hot summers day so we can give the install a good thrashing but may have to wait until next year now! Its still pretty steamy upstairs but soooooo nice when the A/c is on.

One of those live without it until you have it then you'd consider it in any house you get!

p.s. Sorry if I forgot your names, (Crafftair)  Craig, Russel and Sam?? you guys rock! :o)