AmD MkIV Golf RR Day
Jan 17th 2004

I went to AmD to have a chat about One Click on a Rolling Road day for MKIV Golfs.

Everything was going well, Scott's new colour coded wheels were fantastic matched the car perfectly,
blue neons and a trip to Southend are being planned next. ;o)

One Click for Diesels was being installed, it was very easy and the diesel boys came back with huge grins, the big thing being the torque increases for those already torquey turbo diesels.

One click unit is easy to operate, a few indicator lights to tell you what's happening.
(Unit, Lights, Programmer)

AmD have fitted a new ducting system, makes the changeover of cars much much quicker,
making the ducting fans easy to move has made the RR days capable of handling many more cars.

I had to add this, I was in fear of my life......

I bumped into MECHWARRIOR a VX-R-18 Cavalier with a spoiler held on with masking tape and what looked like a single Allen key in one strut, a Max Power sticker and just above the tailpipes a No Smoking sticker in case of spontaneous combustion.
The body kit was blended in perfectly by the use of a black and red beading that only a trained eye could see any imperfections. :o)